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Hosted by
Roofless Painters

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March 23rd
12:00 pm PDT

Here is What We're Presenting

A live Painting Workshop

We'll be conducting a painting workshop dedicated to create paintings inspired by the current series CROWDED ELEVATORS.

We'll be broadcasting live from our studio in DTLA.

We'll guide you through all the stages form start to finish.

Any painting level is welcome.

Inspirational Images

We'll work from photographs. After you register, we'll send a link to all the images we gathered for this series so you can select one, if you wish. Even though our series are bases on themes, we provide a range of inspirational images to choose from so in the end we create a collection of different paintings and not a series of versions of a single one.

Feature it, Share it, Sell it

Registrants will be able to feature the final work for sale on our gallery, so your hard works gets properly and deservedly showcased. We already know your work is collectable, so our gallery allows potential collectors to buy your piece conveniently.

Have your Materials ready

We put together a Roofless Kit for those of you who don't have any materials at home. You can check out what it consists of and what it looks like here. And you can get it here.

Personable and Pesonalized

You'll be able to chat with us, post questions, and after the broascast you'll be able to email your work in case you need personalized feedback.


About Roofless Painters

We are a nomadic painting atelier presenting art education and exhibit opportunities to adults with all levels of artistic experience, practice, or representation. Our itinerant art studio pops up in local art-loving venues, historical landmarks, and outdoor environments, providing fine art instruction and white-glove service in a fully supplied setup for a professional studio practice experience. We are unconfined, self-contained, all-inclusive, and nonsectarian.

March 23rd
12:00 pm PDT