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May 8th
11:00 am PDT

Painting Series: GARDEN VIEW

About this painting series

Gardens have always been a universal source of inspiration for artists. At the turn of the 20th century, a large number of painters were actively engaged in gardening, reconciling the ancient horticultural practice with their personal creative process. So much so that their gardens became the settings and subjects that allowed them to explore new formal and thematic topics on their work.

During our unprecedented and lengthy quarantine, we’ve been having more time to care for our immediate surrounding spaces. Whether having access to a yard, a balcony, or a single potted plant in our confined space, most of us are turning to the rooted living beings around us as a source of comfort and pleasure, escape and enjoyment. It’s time to honor them with a painting.

We’re going to paint our immediate “garden” setting from life. Be open to define the word and concept as freely as you’d like, from a view to a single potted plant.

● Painting premise: garden view painted from life.

● Props: a view of your own “garden”. If painting outdoors, find a spot with enough wifi connection.

● Painting surface: any size, any kind.

● Painting webinar medium: oil over cotton paper.

Watch it live or watch it later

You can attend the painting workshop live or you can replay it later at your convenience, you decide, just make sure you register.

We'll provide easy-to-follow steps, comprehensive instruction, and tips to help you develop your own work.

Any painting level is welcome.

Feature it, Share it, Sell it.

Registrants will be able to feature the final work for sale on our gallery, so your hard works gets properly and deservedly showcased. We already know your work is collectable, so our gallery allows potential collectors to buy your piece conveniently.

About the materials

This is an oil painting workshop. Here is a list of the materials we generally use. Don't worry too much if the materials don't exactly match.

We put together a Roofless Kit for those of you who don't have any materials at home. You can check out what it consists of and what it looks in this video here. And you can get the kit here.

Personable and Personalized

You'll be able to chat with us, post questions, feature your work for a critique session.

We'll provide a shared photo album link so we can all upload and share our work.

Other Details

● The 2:30-hour webinar includes instruction, chat interaction, Q&A, and group critique.

A shared photo album link will be provided after registration so you can upload our work and give feedback.

We will host a ZOOM video conversation a few days after the webinar.

Please use Google Chrome browser on a laptop for best viewing experience.


About Roofless Painters

We are a nomadic painting atelier presenting art education and exhibit opportunities to adults with all levels of artistic experience, practice, or representation. Our itinerant art studio pops up in local art-loving venues, historical landmarks, and outdoor environments, providing fine art instruction and white-glove service in a fully supplied setup for a professional studio practice experience. We are unconfined, self-contained, all-inclusive, and nonsectarian.

May 8th
11:00 am PDT